Poor poor 9 and Misc. Crap

So, back to school on August 2nd. If he knew to say WTF, he would say it, right? (and he should have maybe possibly heard the expression WTF by now — damn neighborhood kids — such bad influences *snickers*)

He asked me to help him pick out an outfit “to impress the ladies” AND was googling celebrity hairstyles to show the stylist šŸ˜‰ He kills me. For the record, he went with a patch madras button down and cargo shorts. Classic, preppy, can’t go wrong. The hair? He wanted some clown from the Disney Channel’s hair but settled for “standard boy cut” šŸ˜‰

In addition to prepping for the new school year physically, he also geared up by calling some classmates. More specifically, he called several girls. Bless their hearts, the girls each talked to him at length…and the ones who were left messages actually called back. Shows good parenting, right?

Last year, he cried for the first 3 days of school…this year he was pretty confident going in and didn’t even obsessively pray šŸ˜‰ Not to say that he didn’t pray at all b/c OCD boy isn’t “cured” but he is much better. TFG.

A couple more week’s til soon-to-be 13(!) goes back to school. I can’t say I’m dying for him to get back to school…he’s been pretty quiet of late…actually, I take that back. He has been pleasant and helpful recently. Why? That big bday is coming up and he wants a new computer. Spoiled troll. *sighs*

And what does 9 want for his big 1-0?? What any typical kid would want…backstage passes to a Selena Gomez concert *epic eye rolls*

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2 thoughts on “Poor poor 9 and Misc. Crap

    • I know! Very nice girls. Probably have mothers standing beside them going “You WILL call that nice boy back NOW!”

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