Fun Phrases to Annoy Children

Do you remember your parents irritating you to death with their little catch phrases and sayings? My Dad used to say stuff like “piss poor prior planning equals piss poor performance” and “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place” (the Frug gets wood over that one!). Drove me insane.

Ones the the kids are “enjoying” of late:
we’re not in Kansas anymore”
“when in Rome…”
“Big Ben! Parliament!”

12 is especially fond of these…when we were driving 5+ hours across the Italian countryside, I must have said “we’re not in Kansas anymore” 6 times…during dinners, trying to read the menus, trying to find something familiar to eat “well, when in Rome…”

He finally exploded one day “Goddamnit! We are NOT IN ROME! Or KANSAS! Why do you keep saying that???” hahahahahaha I laughed like a crazy person all while admonishing him for his foul language. 😉


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