Nicole Kidman Has Never Looked Hotter


WOW!  Nicole Kidman is looking HOT!  Trashy, yet hot. I really thought her attractive days were behind her b/c of the frozen face and poor hair color choices. Now, I don’t suually like her blonde b/c it washes her face out…I wonder if they self-tanned her?? (her long ass skinny legs look tan)  Regardless, she looks goooood!

Here’s part of what MichaelK had to say…I heart him so…

Nicole Kidman usually looks like an ice statue that\’s been wrapped in toilet porcelain, shellacked with a thick layer of Botox and dressed in clothes from a French toddler circa 1969, but it was a different story yesterday when she showed up to the New Orleans set of her new movie The Paperboy looking like this. The costume designer and hair hos working on that movie should just collect their awards now for transforming a human ice cube that fell out of a side freezer\’s vagina many years ago into a glamorous graveyard shift diner waitress who smells like White Rain hairspray, menthol butts, cotton candy Lip Smackers and a drunk trucker\’s moustache sweat. That is a bitch who always keeps several fake state IDs in her purse and knows which rest stop sinks have hot water for a more pleasurable whore bath experience.

via Nicole Kidman Has Never Looked Hotter.


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