Very Important Animal Related Question

So, we’re headed out to The Best Tina’s weekend manse in a wildlife preserve in the Wilds of West Virginia (facts have been changed to make the story more dramatic, deal with it)…if you can recall, we had a Girls’ Weekend there about a year ago and I was consumed with the idea that BEARS were lurking everywhere (which they so ARE)…I wore several anti-bear bells, whistles, and even carried an air horn, just in case. No bears that weekend but I still came home grateful to be alive.

Going with the Frug and kids this time. Worried that young 9 is a tasty morsel to a bear and he doesn’t run very fast, kwim? *sighs* AND, here comes the serious part…I just started my period…even though it’s barely there, will the bears smell it (and my fear, of course) and find me??????

Maybe ’cause it’s Shark Week I’m worried about blood chumming the water or something.


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4 thoughts on “Very Important Animal Related Question

  1. Bahahaha…and here I thought maybe I was the only one who worried about being shark bait for this reason! Should have known you’re always there to be as crazy as I am…I think the shark fear is totally legit, the bears.. not so much. Didn’t you grow up in the Pokes girlfriend?

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