Wardrobe Issue at the Gym

I’ve been on a break with the treadmill. It’s been really boring me to DEATH lately, kwim?? Since it’s summer, and we have a little beach trip coming up, I can’t just say Eff You to the treadmill.  So, I have loaded my Ipad with new books to entice me to stay on it AND have gotten a few new workout outfits to motivate me to go to the gym (this is normal, right?? haha Retail Therapy FTW!)

One of the pairs of shorts were those cute old school cheerleading ones….very simple cotton with the roll down waistband, you know the ones…(and they are cheap aka Frug Approved!)

Pretty appropriate for a 45 year old, doncha think? lol Pipe down, I like them!  And, as a bonus, they bring me back to my lost youth! Anyway, wore a pair of them to the gym the other day and got on the big T. Within 5 minutes I remembered why I stopped wearing this type of shorts! (other than the age issue, obviously!)  With each step the shorts crawled up my legs and lodged into my crotch!!!  eeuuww! I was walking and trying to subtly give a little leg shake to dislodge the fabric. The other technique I used was walking as if I had been riding a horse for a month or 2!  Or I pretended to wipe my hands on the front of them while giving them a yank!  FAIL!

I’m sure no one was looking/staring but I was mortified! I looked like I had panty critters and was all itchy, yanking at the crotch of my shorts!! *dying*

Well, I had to wonder, is there a word for this scenario?? There should be. And Chub Rub is close but no cigar…So, off to google! I didn’t find a word for it but I did find some fun stuff…

Found a fun web site Stuff Fat People Do…here’s an excerpt:

Do that whole “look behind you” move while walking so that you are able to spread your legs a little farther without being noticeable so that your shorts that are bunched up between your thighs can get free…. or the move i see a lot of other big ppl do where they are walking and kinda do this weird quick little squat thing mid stride to let the bunch of shorts out from the inner thighs…my sis and i call it the “squat ‘n drop” lol

I also found a product!  (isn’t there always a product??)

A product called “PSST” which is something who iron into your pants leg to prevent bunching!  This seems like an extreme thing to do (especially when you are a) lazy and b) don’t own an iron). And I don’t think it’s meant for workout shorts either!

So, thoughts? Anyone have the perfect word or phrase for this???


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