Need Help with Name Change!

Well, it’s official. I am the mother of a TEENAGER. *shrieks* Pray for me. Seriously.

But, what to call him here when I complain about him here? 13? That seems boring… Snarly McMoodswing? Sarcasmo? Lurch? (Adams Family reference — works for his height, hair, and effervescent personality)


He got a very big, very nice main bday gift. A laptop. A NON-MAC laptop. Cue lightening and thunder and horror film music. 9 eyeballed it and asked “How much did that cost?” No doubt recalculating the items on his own bday list 😉 Where does this avarice come from? *taps chin*

Someone asked me, “So, was he happy?” and that was a tough one. He doesn’t really “do” happy. The laptop got a smirk and an eyebrow raise — his equivalent of jumping for joy, I suppose.

Will be back to regular posting this week after I recover from going to the county fair today. It was a hot, sweaty, deep-fried, carnie palooza. I am resting and scrubbing myself clean, literally and figuratively.

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