What to wear?? *sighs deeply*

I’ve been trying to break out of my monochromatic wardrobe rut for a while now. All black…added a dash of gray *sizzles* to break it up 😉 Figured summer was a good time to really add color. Been wearing my hot pink Lilly Pulitzer shorts (thanks, Jen!)…a bright green top…some turquiose…really “going for it”, kwim?

Problem?  Despite a recent wee dose of ye old botulism toxin (note, I am NOT in the cool club with Winslet, Thompson and Weisz — law firm much? lol), I have a case of the haggards. Must be the damn sun. *grumbles*  I’m looking a bit like a pioneer women or like a mom in those old Dust Bowl pix:

They are Careworn with a capital C! Time for a peel, chicas! lol

Anyway, so that’s how I look physically…then we add some technobright clothing…pioneer woman wearing Lilly Pulitzer…and who who do we have??

That’s right. The original Old Whore — Magda from There’s Something About Mary.




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