Jealous of the DOG

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my jealousy of the dog and his life, right? You know, wake up, have a little breakfast, take a dump, go back to sleep for a few hours. A dog’s life, indeed. Perfection.

We’ve switched Otis’s food several times. It seems like our rescue dog is a bit of a fancy nancy. The supermarket brands hurt his delicate tum tum and give him the runs. Ever try to pick up runny dog poop on the side of the road??? Yeah, not fun! The dog trainer (remind me to tell you about our new and improved dog who got trained while we were on vacation!) gave me some ideas about what to switch him to and he is now eating Origen. Sounds pricey and it is. FML.

Anyway, the upside of the new food is a) no more whining in his crate to be let out at 2am to eat grass! AND b) glorious poop. I am truly in awe of it. It’s poop to be proud of. Thick, solid, deep brown logs that effortlessly flow out. The Holy Grail of dog shit. I kid you not.


God, I’m old.


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