So, Back to Italy…

Where was I? I think all I did in my previous posts was bitch about the luggage and gush about all the food and wine. The End.


View from our fave restaurant in the Marina Grande in Sorrento

Okay, Sorrento. Loved it here. The hotel was stellar. The rooftop bar and pool were worth every penny ūüėČ (and I say this as the person NOT paying the bills lol). Sooooooo, other than eat amazing food and drink wine (and shop for replacement clothing), what did we do? At night (around 8pm, post siesta!) we would go find a waterfront restaurant and eat fresh,simply prepared seafood, and drink vino perfecto. By day, we went exploring the highlights of Southern Italy.

First up? Positano.

Rocky beaches in Positano

Took a boat to Positano. Anything involving a boat is immediate win for me. Positano was cool. And by cool I mean incredibly HOT. Lots of walking up UP UP the hill to the top, looking down at the water wishing we were in it and marching back DOWN. Poor 9 was dying. He was happy to stop in the little churches to pray that the torture would be over soon!

Before we did the death march, we had to stop so 9 could mark his territory. I swear the child is part canine. Must Poop EVERYWHERE. So, I am standing in the middle of this quaint cobblestone street while 12 takes 9 to the bathroom (Remember, he can’t go in the ladies room anymore so mama is off the hook! Woot!)…the Frug is taking pix and then leans over and whispers, “There’s Rod Stewart” and I’m like, “Okay, suuuure” b/c the Frug is notoriously WRONG about celeb sightings. I turned to look and saw a guy with spiky blonde hair and a turrqoise shirt sitting at a table about 8 feet from us. I’m like “Okay, this could be him” and then he spoke and BAM “Hello There, Rod!” His current tall blonde wife was with him and their 2 little ones were seated across the street (tiny Italian street, mind you — not across 5th Avenue or anything lol) with their nanny. God, I wish I was a celeb! “Take the babies over there so I can enjoy my meal!” Lol ¬†So, we stood there FOREVER. I think we were freaking Rod out. I didn’t stare and didn’t go up to him although other people did. I felt a little sorry for him. The Frug got some surreptitious pix. Later on, he said “You are so much prettier than Rod Stewart’s wife — I can’t believe how fat she was!¬†” And I was like “a – ¬†thanks and b – she just had their 2nd baby 2 months ago!” ¬†She was quite pretty tho. ¬†The man definitely has a type – tall, blonde, big tits. lol and not kidding at all.

Next up? Capri.

The Frug's Frutti di Mare Crudi - scary!

Another day, another boat. LOVE. Toured the teeny tiny town and had a faboo lunch at the marina. Food, wine, water view. All pure win for me. ¬†Took a boat trip around the island and saw where the celebs stay (the dreaded Gwyneth Paltrow’s name was mentioned – ugh) and some amazing boats. ¬†¬†We also took a tram (so lame) to the top of the mountain and had a fancy cocktail overlooking the harbor. I managed to get wifi there so I was a happy girl…

Last full day in Sorrento — Pompeii. We could have taken the Circumvesuviana train there but the Frug swore he would NEVAH get on it again! Lol. So, we had a driver (Aldo, lovely person) take us. Someone, she shall remain nameless, had a bit too much wine the night before and was grateful for the A/C and smooth ride. O.O

So, Pompeii? What to say?? It was incredible. And difficult. All cobblestones and rough surfaces for 9 to struggle with. That place is NOT for the disabled. Seriously. That said, it’s a total Must See. You’ll be amazed at how civilized they were back in 79AD. And, obviously, there’s the whorehouse. *rolls eyes* I think that’s the main attraction so they take you to it last! Jerks! haha We walked quickly thru it so pervy 9 couldn’t see the paintings of sex acts above each room. The Romans were a horny bunch it seems. Horrifying.¬†lol *whispers* I told the Frug that it still smelled like sex in there. lmao

Okay, now we’re ready to move on…next up? Getting to Porto Cesareo from Sorrento. ¬†Sounds like smooth sailing, right? DUN DUN DUN…

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “So, Back to Italy…

  1. I’m a little worried about the Frug’s food. I hope it didn’t move on his plate. Yikes.

    I’m seeing Mr. Rod tonight in Vegas. I think I’m pretty safe. I have only 1 of his 3 requirements….Thank God!!

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