That sound you just heard?

That was me, swan diving off the Deep End.




The ONE THING that I was never afraid of. (You know about my fear of flying AND tsunamis are way up there too, btw)  I always figured, how bad could an earthquake be? A little shaking. Well, Sweet Mother of TERROR…

I thought the whole house was falling down. Otis, Fiona Sarcasmo and I were all running around like lunatics. My first instinct was to Get the F*ck Out of the House. Which is all wrong apparently. *sighs* It goes against every instinct to stay in the house and hide under a table or whatever. I just felt like the roof would collapse on me and crush me like whoa.

Anyway, all is fine. Some pictures fell down. 9’s cross fell off the wall (omen?!). No major damage. Except to my sanity. Not kidding. Came back in the house and shook like a leaf and cried (in hiding b/c I had to be all strong in front of Sarcasmo)…

9 was at school where they all ran and screamed apparently too 😉 (we don’t do earthquake drills here BECAUSE IT’S VIRGINIA) He seems okay.  I think there were a bunch of people in charge of making sure he didn’t have a breakdown.

Wish there was someone here for ME. *sighs and glares at the Frug who is NOT HERE right now*  Perhaps a wine and Xanax drip?  Yes. That’ll do nicely.


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