This is almost embarrassing…

You’re not going to believe it BUT…we’re off for a mini-vacation!  Just a quick 5 days at the beach. No biggie. *blushes*  We normally do a full a full week but with 9’s hideous go-back-to-school-August-2nd school, we couldn’t!  So, it’s a long weekend. *throws pity party for self*

Kids psyched?? Nope. They are PISSED!  Why? Because we are staying in a hotel and not “a real beach house“…spoiled pigs. aahh!!  I, for one, am THRILLED that we are staying in a hotel. No kitchen means I am NOT COOKING!!  Woot! No washer/dryer means I am NOT DOING LAUNDRY! Also, no bringing linens or towels or even beach chairs!! Packing is going to be a breeze!  AND, the best part? I don’t need to clean anything! We can just walk away when we check out.

Then 9 is like “Is it a resort like Iberostar?  No, it’s a small motel. *cue tantrum* “WHAT?!  We’re staying in a old dingy little old crappy hotel!?!”  The level of spoiled it pretty high in this family methinks. Wonder where they get it from? Hmm.

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2 thoughts on “This is almost embarrassing…

  1. Funny! I sooo understand you. In every way. My darlings daughters, who are 4 and 8, complained when we flew from Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires saying ” but this ares not the sleepy chairs!”. It’s a 2 1/2 hr flight! I flew business the first time in my life when I was an adult! I don’t think I even knew there was such a thing as a BC when I was a kid. I fear for the poor guys that will date them. So spoiled! LOL! Thanks babe, for making me laugh so often. Have a great mini vacay. Happy Labor Day too!

    • My boys were moaning about the “crappy plane” we were on from DC to London b/c of the seats. Sit DOWN, spoiled creatures!

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