Seriously concerned…

What is wrong with me?? I’ve been so forgetful and sometimes I can’t even say that I forgot something b/c it didn’t even register in my feeble brain! Is it Adult ADD? Dementia? Mommy brain?

This weekend for example…we went to the beach…fun, right?  Sure. Of course. Items forgotten?

Hairbrush – left on counter in bathroom.

Engagement ring – left on dresser to be put on after shower. *sighs*

Beach toys – truly forgotten, not even planned!

Oil change for car – still on To Do list. Months overdue.

Gas – almost ran out AGAIN. This is the 2nd beach trip in a row with a “Holy SHIT! We’re almost out of gas” moment.

And the best one?? Wait for it…

Okay, the Frug was working right up to the moment I was ready to pull out of the driveway. He packed his bag himself (small joy).  I had packed my bag and the kids’ bags. Got the very important “road snacks”, put the DVDs in the back seat to avoid any kind of conversations aka fights. I brought down our 3 bags — mine and the kids — (this is usually the Frug’s job b/c I am a delicate flower but I was feeling nice that day) and got the car all packed up.

Time to go…yelling at him to get in the car b/c we had to pick Sarcasmo up at school by 11:30am (I nicely packed him a change of clothes so he wouldn’t have to be dressed as a Catholic School Boy for the entire car ride)…he finally comes out…he had to check the lights and put on the alarm and do whatever else he does in the house…so, a teeny bit late, we’re off!

Get to the beach and unload the car…

Frug: “Where’s my bag, Cow**?

Me: *scowls* “I’m still unloading

Me: *realization dawns* “Wait, did you ever bring it downstairs?

Frug: “No, I was working!

Me: “I never usually bring the bags down, you do!”

Frug:  “I was working, Cow!”

Yes, the Frug’s suitcase was left behind. Really. It was like Italy all over again except, rather than blaming Delta, he is blaming ME. I’ve accepted 50% blame for this one. He is refusing to accept the other 50%. Poor guy did have to go out and shop (i.e. break out in hives) for clothes and toiletries. Again.

So, if my brain was still all there, I would have noticed that his bag wasn’t in the car, right?  Where is my brain? Seriously.

Hhhheeeeellllllllpppppp Mmmmmmeeeeee.

Oh, and I also managed to lose my special Rays Bans!!  *cries* They were the ones that the Frug got me for my birthday that made me look like Tammi Taylor on Friday Night Lights! *wails*

**Any new readers wondering WTH the Frug calls me “Cow“? It’s him saying “Kel” but in a Baltimore accent.


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