So, yeah…9/11

I am an emo b*tch today. I usually don’t watch all the coverage b/c I remember watching every minute of it while in labor with 10 (TEN!! Yes! Adios 9!)…and I didn’t want to re-live it and just stuck my head in the sand pretty much.  10th anniversary AND my special guy’s 10th bday? Watched it all…sweet mother of pain. Whew. Am all puffy eyed and sad (and hungry, of course). *sighs*

Perused the People Magazine coverage of the kids who lost parents before they were even born…in reading it, and in watching today’s mega coverage, I just kept thinking that all the cliches are true:

Time heals all wounds.

This too shall pass. (one of my Dad’s Top 5 phrases to irritate me with)

Every cloud has a silver lining.

God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.

Etc. Etc.

I think the stories are meant to be uplifting and show that Life Goes On (another done-to-death phrase)…in all the stories, the widows/widowers ended up finding love again, got remarried, had more kids…happy happy joy joy. Which is great right??  It’s been 10 freaking years. People deserve happiness, right? Right.

BUT, here’s ol’ Selfish Girl coming out…there’s a very large part of me that would be like “Dammit! Do NOT go on! Mourn me FOREVER! Oh suuuuure, found someone better and now you’re really happy?  F*ckers. lol

I know I’m probably the only one who thinks this way.  Kind of like how I want Irish wailers at my funeral. I want over-the-top displays of perpetual anguish. The Frug throwing himself on my casket, screaming “I can’t live without yooooooooooouuuu!”  The usual stuff. haha

Maybe I’m just tired after the exhausting whirlwind that was this weekend. 10(!)’s bowling party was Friday night. Then on Saturday we went to the NICU Reunion at the hospital where he was born. Then a parent cocktail party for Sarcasmo’s school. 10’s Wakeup-It’s-My-Birthday-Where-Are-My-Presents-Getcha-Asses-Outta-Bed was this morning and then the Frug went to the Ravens game…and Sarcasmo had football practice and I had to make cupcakes for 10 to bring to school for tomorrow AND bake another cake for the official bday today…and we also went out for dinner tonight…

I barely know my own name right now.

Anyway, hope everyone had a peaceful day today, either watching the media storm of 9/11 memorials or not.

Tomorrow is Another Day. 😉


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