Holy Mother of Missoni Madness!

*panting* Holy Moly!  Did any of my Superficial Sisters join in on the Missoni Mania today at Target??? UFB, people. Seriously. I was all excited back in May when they announced this was coming. Missoni is all stripey, zig zaggy, Italian knit chicness…*swoons*  I’ve priced the real Missoni and it is NOT Frug Approved. Frankly, the Target Missoni isn’t even Frug Approved. (but what is, right??)

I was online last night, thinking it would launch at midnight. And I was also tracking a flight that the Frug was on (prayers AND flight tracking keep planes aloft!)…anyway, no go on the Missoni.

Woke up, got kids up and off to school. Tried target.com.  Got their version of the Twitter Fail Whale…a sad little white dog saying “Woof! You’re screwed!” Ugh. So, I had to (yes, HAD TO) go into an actual store!  First one I went to at 8:45am was pretty well picked over. Saw some evil women with carts loaded with all kinds of zig zaggy goodness though. Bitches. More on them later. Off to store #2. Even less merchandise…store #3?? Barren. Seriously. Can’t believe it.

I was on Twitter, moaning and complaining…and a friend said “check ebay, you won’t believe it“…all those evil Missoni hoarding h00rs had already listed their Missoni stuff and the prices are thru the freaking ROOF.  *glares* They stripped the stores and are now going makes a killing on it??  Pissed.

Anyway, I did manage to get a few things. First is a black sleeveless dress (pictured here with some sort of longish sweater over it which was not in stores)…it’s plain black with an almost Aztec-ish stripe down the middle (slimming! lol)Next is a black/white long sleeved polo collar dress…it doesn’t photograph well but it is super cute on AND it has these low pockets that make it even more comfy.  I picture both of these with high black boots…sort of “mod”, kwim?

I wanted this other dress…brown with all over zig zag BUT the Missoni Marauders had already snatched them all up. *growls*  This would be cute with knee high brown boots. *sighs*  And vertical stripes are slenderizing, right???? Looked at this on ebay and there was a “Buy It Now” for…wait for it…$250. Crazy.

OH, so I got on to target.com later and was able to get 6 items into my greedy little shopping cart. Click “Check Out”…got a pop up that I need to change my password “for my security” or some b/s…took a couple tries b/c the site was crashing around me…I get the stupid password changed (and btw, it was NOT optional)…and I watch in HORROR as the items are STOLEN from my cart!!!!  I HATE THAT!!  How can that be allowed to happen?? It’s in MY CART!!  Send a vicious coldly worded email to their Customer Service. I imagine it’s not the only one they got today. *snickers*. Jerks.

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