Shopping Karma??

Okay, last Missoni post…no really, I swear! šŸ˜‰

I bought a bunch of items that I’ve decided not to keep, for various reasons…I never, ever try things on in a store, especially a Target-type store. If the Nordies’ dressing room makes me look like a fat Old Whore, what would a discount chain do?? *shudders*

Anyway, I saw that there are upwards of 7,000 Missoni for Target items on ebay. And people are trying to price dresses, that cost them $54.99, around $250+. Doesn’t that seemĀ wrong?? Ā The dresses I am keeping are tres cute. They are $54.99 cute tho. Certainly NOT $200 cute. AND, I’m harboring a grude against those Missoni Marauders who had shopping carts piled high with merchandise destined to go on ebay. Ā Again, that seemsĀ WRONG. Ā I’ve sold things on ebay in the past. Clothing I’ve bought and then decided I didn’t want and didn’t keep the receipt so I couldn’t return…that kind of thing. But to buy oodles of things just to sell? And not just sell — GOUGE their poor sisters-in-shopping?? Not cool. Ā Terrible hopping karma.

However…I did think about it. I had maybe 9 things that I could price x% above what I paid…who would blame me, right??

Wrestled with the decision.

Ultimately decided that it was piss poor shopping karma to ebay it. Ā So, I went to Target today and returned the lot. Ā I know it would have been a good “financial” choice to ebay it all but it seemed to be the assholish choice too. I can’t be the asshole. I just can’t.

Poor choices in my past maybe made me an inconsiderate bitch. Perhaps a jerk. Maybe a thoughtless h00r. Never anĀ asshole.


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