Going to be MIA *sighs*

I’d like to thank (and by thank I actually mean curse) 10’s school and it’s hideous “year-round school” calendar.

He and I are going to be spending High Quality mother-son time for the next two weeks. He was off on Sept. 30th and won’t go back to school until October 17th. THE 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shrieks*

How am I supposed to keep up with my celeb gossip?  My reading? My Twitter and Facebook??  People count on me to be hilarious on a daily basis. I do hate to disappoint. *sighs melodramatically*

I already have the theme songs from Suite Life on Deck and Wizards of Waverly Place running on a continuous loop in my head.  I guess I should be thankful he’s out of The Wiggles and Barney phases, right?  Oh, but he isn’t. He’s in a “I love to hate Barney” phase and he plays Barney YouTube videos and mocks them. Over and over. Then calls his friends and plays the videos for them.

Kill. Me. Now.


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