Really? Is this what “girls today” have to cope with?


So glad that I’m not single. Seriously. I think this every day — partially because I realize that I would be living in a van down by the river if not for my sweet, generous, and tolerant Frug.

My gratitude was reinforced on Saturday night. Fun Date Night as always. We went to dinner (thank you, Groupon!) and then to a bar/club type place. You know the type — where you can feel the thump-thump-thump of the music in your chest?

Anyway, I looked decent. The hair had cooperated and the makeup was quite nice too. Outfit?  Just a conservative black sweater and skirt. *snorts* Semi sheer top with leather skirt. Ahem. And the ubiquitous & awesome black booties.

So, the Frug went to the restroom and I remained at the bar, sipping a lovely glass of champagne. A guy came up next to me and here’s what happened :

Guy: *sidles up next to me* “So, you’re hot”

Me: *stunned silence*

Guy: “So, married or have a boyfriend?”

Me: *gives universal ring flash gesture* “Married”

Guy: “Okay, I’ll stop hitting on you then” *walks away*

Me: *stunned silence*

Time elapsed approximately 30 seconds.  That’s it??? Is that how things work now? Buy me a damn drink! More compliments!  More banter!  Gotta at least try, right?  This “cut to the chase” business is too emotionless, too cold, kwim?


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One thought on “Really? Is this what “girls today” have to cope with?

  1. I’m not sure what to think of this guy. On the one hand… what a poser. His opening line was lame as shit. Three words does not qualify as “hitting on you.” He could’ve been a bit more eloquent. Dude wasn’t up to trying. What if you had been single? Would his next line been, “Wanna fuck?” Can you imagine what he’d be like in bed at this rate?

    Then again… maybe he respects the bond between a man and a woman in a committed relationship so much that he doesn’t want to get involved in any way with an unavailable woman. Er, probably not.

    Regardless, I would’ve ran to the bathroom and high-fived myself in the stall mouthing, “Fuck yeah baby!!! I’m still hot!!!”

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