Collections I Have…

Alternate Title — Things I Do That Make the Frug CCCRRAAZZEEEEEE

So, 10 and I spent a quick 30 hours in NYC this week. He’s been off since Sept. 30th and I just had to get outta dodge, kwim?  And, sadly, that meant I had to bring him with me! *mutters curses*

We stayed overnight with the lovely Ashlee…in her single-girl-living-alone-in-Manhattan-slutlair.  Wait, add -with-2-chihuahuas.  I tried to prep 10 about Manhattan and how small the apartments are…he still went blowing into her place and was like “O.M.G.! Why do you live here?” and “When are you moving somewhere bigger?” and “You ARE moving, right?”  and “So, tell me about your new place!” Poor Ash probably felt very judged! And by a punk 10 yr. old! Pfft.

It is quite cozy and homey. Lots of “stuff” around.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in a single person’s place. When you’re single, you answer to no one and can do and have whatever the hell you want. God, I miss that! FREEDOM!

I noticed (and admired) her impressive display of shampoos and conditioners. I think there were easily 30+ bottles in the shower. No, I’m actually not exaggerating. I used to have that. *smiles fondly* Now I’m forced to limit myself to 4 bottles. 2 regulars and 2 back ups. Oh, and usually I have 2 types of body wash too. The Frug is HORRIFIED by my “excess” in the shower. I think it’s rather Spartan. *sighs* Men. *grumbles*

It made me think of other “collections” I have. Which I make no apology for.

In no particular order (which is how I do most things, btw):

Black shoes – flip flops, pumps, sandals, “going out” sandals, rain boots, snow boots, “going out” boots, “staying in” boots *winks*, leather booties, suede booties, “throw on to get the paper” clogs, etc.

Mascara – all black. Curling, volumizing, lengthening (for when I’m not using Latisse), waterproof, waterproof volumizing, waterproof curling, different combos of curling and volumizing, samples, back ups, failures*, etc.

Body Lotion – scented, unscented, shimmering, self-tanning, light weight, heavy duty, firming, soothing, energizing, failures*, etc.

Sweaters – All black, of course. Long sleeve, short sleeve, cardigans, dressy vnecks, turtlenecks, “going out” turtlenecks, tunics, cowl necks, ponchos, favorites, and back-ups of favorites, etc.

Lip Products – 20+ “chapsticks” (Bonne Bell lip smackers, reg. Chapstick, Bath and Bodyworks ones, tinted, nontinted — this “collection” is strewn around the house in all rooms Just In Case of a lip emergency). In all shades of pink/rose/mauve – gloss, regular lipstick, moisturizing, matte, drugstore brands, department stores brands, only-online brands…failures* and back-ups of faves, and regulars.

*Failures. These are items I’ve “researched” and purchased only to hate once I’ve gotten home and used them. Lots of mascaras fall into this category. As do body lotions. So many of them do NOT moisturize!  Hello?! Do your job!  Maybe it’s the aging Irish hide?

The Frug thinks I should buy ONE quality item and then use it til it’s finished. *rolls eyes incredulously*  What?!?!  It’s like we don’t even speak the same language sometimes 😉

Thoughts?  What kind of collections do you have?? Please tell me I’m not the only one.


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