Sauna Etiquette?

Or appalling lack thereof?! O. M. G. Popped into the sauna at the gym b/c it’s rainy and chilly and I have cramps and I’m tired….you get the picture.

Naked chick in here. Has her clothes on the “rocks” and on the one bench. She is sprawled out on an upper bench. And she is yakking on her GD cell phone.

Is she trying to set a record for obnoxiousness?

Terrific. Now she is sighing loudly and blowing her nose. *shudders*

Sweet Mother. Now she is flipping over and is Ass UP in here. Naked ass.

Stubborn Me is staying just to eff with her and openly blog about her.

JFC. She just did another melodramatic sigh. Bitch, I invented the melodramatic sigh.

I’m outtie. *scowls*


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