Weird Morning

Dropped Sarcasmo off at a local high school to “shadow” for the day. High School? What? Didn’t I just give birth to that creature? I swear I can still feel his giant body ripping my lady bits to bits! *laughs while squirming*

The weird part?  I can totally see him there. He didn’t look like a tiny innocent lamb being dropped off for slaughter. He’s 5’10″…deep voice (although I think that’s an act at this point b/c all of his friends have the same one, kwim?)…too-cool-for-school-attitude…he’s ready. I also just saw him at his current preK-8 school yesterday. The monster sized 8th graders stick out like a zitty hormonal sore thumb. It’s time for them to GO. lol


But, it feels like the beginning of the end, kwim??  There’s this whole “application process” for HS here. He has to take entrance exams, fill out applications, possibly (depending on the school) get teacher recommendations (JFC, wish him luck with THAT! lmao), interview, etc. Hello? Just like COLLEGE!!! *shrieks*

He already has these big plans too. Where he wants to go to college, where he wants to live, move, etc. THAT I can’t say I’m ready for. At all.  I mean, who’s going to unload the dishwasher? Walk the dog? Babysit 10??? *whines*

It’s all going too quickly. Very much THIS: The Days are Long but the Years are SHORT



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