The Weekend, What I Wore, and How I Felt…


Sunday night and I am a tired girl.  Spent yesterday at “The Pumpkin Patch” with 10 and a friend of his. The place was a ZOO. Literally and figuratively. So many horrible, smelly, icky animals. 10’s buddy wanted to see and PET them all. *shudders* At one point, they were INSIDE a goat pen, feeding the goats BY HAND!  *shrieks* I stayed outside the pen, like a sane person,  and put calamine lotion on the HIVES I’d broken out in.

What did I wear? (since that is what’s important, right?)  I felt tres cute. I wore black corduroy jeggings (which are glorified Pajama Jeans, lol), a plaid shirt from Abercrombie that belongs to Sarcasmo, a black puffy vest AND, my fave part — knee high Doc Martens!Whoops! Um, guess I need to go to “Sizing JPEGs” school!  LOL and sorry!

I felt very badass in those boots. Would have preferred to wear them with a micromini and torn fishnets but it was a family establishment. *snickers* And, then there’s the “I’m 45” part too. *sighs deeply*

Last night was Date Night. Where I felt I was looking cute during the day time, I felt like a fat failure later. Ugh. This should have worked, but didn’t. This BCBG top

plus my dark rinse Citizens of Humanity jeans plus my ubiquitous Miss Sixty booties (cost-per-wear is down to about $1 by now). *sighs*  For some reason, I looked like I was on a bad reality show: “Real Housewives of Filthy Pirate Hooker Island”…

I think it was my boobs…they’re all swollen and PMS booby. *growls* And the vat of kettle corn I ate at the stupid Pumpkin Patch didn’t help things in the midsection either.

Today, we had to go to a High School Open House for Sarcasmo. Joy.  Since judgey people are judgey at these things, I wanted to be pulled together a bit more than my usual Sunday attire ofwalking-the-dog-workout-pants and a ponytail, kwim? To that end, I wore my Missoni for Target black/white zig zaggy dress (first time outing!)

plus super-opaque black tights and black boots (not the Docs! lol)…I felt comfy (check out the pockets!!) and cute!  WIN!

Oh, this is the scene (well, the audio) from Anchorman that the Pirate Hooker thing came from…Thor’s Hammer, I miss you, Ron Burgundy!

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