Baby Steps

People familiar with this blog (and in RL) know I have “food issues” to put it mildly. One of my biggest things is my Fear of Condiments. *shudders*

Cold, wet, weird “flavors” that mess with the purity of your burger, fries, etc. WHY? Anyway, I have branched out in the past few years. I will dip the teeniest corner of my chip into salsa. Perhaps 1/90th of the chip gets daintily dipped into the salsa. There is never, ever scooping. *shudders* The poor chip would get soggy AND I would run the risk of biting into a TOMATO! *gags*

Excuse me while I take a sip of DC to cleanse my palate of that!


Okay, where was I?

Ah yes. Food.

So, I have recommitted myself to the low-carbish, no white flour, no white sugar diet. This is in response to my rather spectacular double twisting back flip off the Diet Wagon during PMS week 😉 *cut eyes Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Potato Chips*

So, I’m bored with my scrambled egg breakfast. And, today I made the HUGE decision to try salsa in my eggs today! I know! Crazy!! (this is ME people–this is a Big Deal)

I, naturally, did this in a Kelly Way. I scrambled the eggs and cooked them in the pan…then scooted them to the side. I added a very generous half teaspoon of salsa *grins* to the empty side of the pan. Wanted it to be WARM before it touched my precious eggs! *giggles* Then, mixed it together thoroughly so there wouldn’t be a huge clump of tomato or any other yucky thing to scare me.


OMG. It was GOOD! No cold spots. No icky tomato chunks or tomato taste! Just some spiciness to jazz up my eggs! Win!

I’m almost a grown-up eater! Hahaha Yeah me!


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