Wouldn’t you HATE to be a celeb?

I am *giggling* like a mad woman this morning over this news story

Apparently, the Biebs got some ho pregnant. Now, that’s not funny, right?  What is?  She said that the encounter lasted 30 seconds!  THIRTY SECONDS! *dying*

It was backstage at his “concert” *rolls eyes* and it was his 1st time. Standing up in a bathroom. For 30 seconds.


That’s why you don’t want to be a celeb. The entire world will mock you about your “romantic first time” and your crappy stamina. And possibly for having the world’s worst luck in impregnating some groupie in those disappointing 30 seconds.

That's right. All this plus 30 seconds with my pubescent peen. Oh yeah.

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2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t you HATE to be a celeb?

  1. I don’t believe it. Not because I am a Bieber fan (I’m not), but because he seems very sappy and like he’d make a bigger deal than that of his first time: rose petals on the bed, terrible-smelling candles everywhere, Dr. Pepper on ice, silk robes. Not a standing-up quickie with a stranger in a bathroom.

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