Parenting Fails and Flails (again)

Honestly, where have we gone wrong?! Sarcasmo is off the rails. He’s having a “busy week”, legitimately. It’s the end of football season (please please let them lose in the play offs), the start of basketball season, the start of a new quarter at school…and, most importantly, SKYRIM is coming out of Friday. “Yeah Mom, it’s pretty much the biggest thing in my life

Getting in the way of his pre-epic-lifechanging-game-launch prep this week: school, Boy Scouts, football practice and game, basketball practice, “Scouting for Food“, afterschool math prep (for the upcoming freakout aka High School Placement Test – a mini SAT I guess), etc. etc. So, what’s a boy to do when faced with all these To Do’s?

No, really. As in, LITERALLY. The awesome part of his new daily freakout and throw stuff plan is that his room is directly above the Frug’s office. He actually had to cancel a conference call today b/c of Sarcasmo’s DefCon 234 meltdown.

I have too much to doooooooooooooooo”

Can’t doooooooooooo it!


I’m gonna end it all right now!”

“It’s too mmmuuuuuccccccccchhhhhhh!”

I can actually agree. It is too much this week. But, WTF is with the tantrums?  He literally screamed and moaned and writhed for 2 hours yesterday…”Oh really? It felt like only 20 minutes” *glares*

The Frug and I don’t do this stuff. When faced with a massive To Do list, I will quietly stick my head in the sand and complain to my friends and blog about it and maybe eat a bit b/c stress makes me hungry…but I don’t scream and throw things!  (The Frug will make a To Do List and *gasps* quietly DO all the things on it)

What part of “take a deep breath and move on” is so hard??  I had a female boss years ago who put it well. She’d say “I’m going to close my door. Time to Focus and Deal“…Focus and Deal. Really perfect, right?  So far, we are lacking the Focusing and the Dealing. Doing rather well on the Freaking Out and the Throwing Things though.

In the meantime, poor 10 is hiding out in the computer room, obsessively watching his vacuum videos.

Another Parenting Fail, I s’pose. lol.


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