Who’s to blame???

And WHY, just WHY?!

Topic?  Daylight Savings Time.  (just googled it. We can blame George Vernon Hudson. Burn in hell, dude.)

I honestly think it could be classfied as a Crime Against Humanity. Seriously. This is  the kind of shit they do to prisoners of war, kwim? Mess with their body clocks, deprive them of sunlight, then expose them to too much…pretty soon you are a psychotic mess.

Okay, it’s only 1 hour, why does it suck so hard?? ‘Cause it really does suck. I’ve been a zombie for 2 days. Otis is very confused.  Naturally, there was no “sleeping in for an extra hour” on Sunday. The Black Beast was up before 6, whining to be fed. *grumbles* Fat bastard. 10 was up before 7, yelling “I can’t sleeeeep!” (well, watch me, baby…watch me lead by example)  Fiona?  Sweet kitty sleeps a good 20/24 hours a day so the time change didn’t affect her. The Frug is the Frug so he’s up at a normal hour, cheerful and energetic *glares*…Sarcasmo and I were the only ones who tried to sleep in and were foiled by all the f*ckery around us. So, we’re extra evil. And, trust me, the world does not need that.

I hear from KPR that babies don’t enjoy DST either.   Well, I guess it’s the parents who don’t 😉  And Jen R says toddlers wake at 4am at the start of DST. 4am??  Shoot me. Makes me feel a bit better that I’m not dealing with that level of horror.

Speaking of horror, 10 is home from school today for Election Day (again, thanks government for messing with me yet again).  He’s next to me on his computer watching youtube videos comparing Swiffer Sweepers, stick vacs, etc. “OMG, Mom!  Watch this one!”  Kill. Me. Now.

Later, for more fun, he wants to go to the Apple store to “visit Siri”…that’s all I need. I already have to listen to the Frug using Mac Dictate allllll day long for each and every email, proposal, etc. I can’t wait to get to listen to to 10 dictating stuff to Siri. TFG he’s too young for an iphone.

Have a great day! *said in syrupy sweet fake voice*


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