Universal Boy “things”

*sighs* and *yawns*

Spent all day yesterday with 10’s class on a field trip to Jamestown, VA. (prior to my bitchfest, I’d like to say Jamestown is really cool! Would like to go back sans 60+ 4th graders!)  Spent 2.5 hours on the bus on the way there and 3.5 hours on the way back. Kept sending texts to the Frug saying “Kill Me Now” 😉

Anyway, I used to think Sarcasmo and his buddies were unusually “bad” and rambunctious. Unable to sit still (even the ones withOUT ADHD, like Sarcasmo) and constantly making weird noises, doing prat falls, etc. Well, NOPE. They are just BOYS apparently.

Things I observed:

  • If there is a long straight path, you MUST RUN!
  • If there is a low wall, you must climb it and jump off (right after you’re told not to)
  • If there’s a gravel path, you have to shuffle your feet and kick the stones.
  • On a bus, you must turn the lights above your seat on and off repeatedly.
  • Bus bathrooms must be visited repeatedly. The Eau de Urinal Cake was oppressive. *shudders*
  • Bus floors are smooth and slippery. Must slide and slither on them. *shudders*
  • Farts are funny. Must laugh like hyenas.
  • You must spill your food (on purpose) and have your buddies cackle like idiots.
  • You must yell “WHAT THE HECK” constantly. (b/c you’re only 10 so you don’t curse like sailors — yet)


Oh, this isn’t about Ten’s class but I just heard this and must share it…

Sarcasmo and his friends make so so so many weird noises. They all mean something to them too. *rolls eyes*  Well, apparently Sarcasmo and his buddies make this “whale mating call” type sound in the school hallways…they do it repeatedly until they hear an answering call.  For the love of God…

The teachers have always wanted to kill him…and I think I now know why.

Anyway, Happy Friday to All. “Skyrim” is out today and I know that’s waaaay more important to everyone than this silly Veterans Day stuff. *rolls eyes*


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