(a)Musing on Old Ladies

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I think the era of the Little Old Lady is over. Wearing babushkas, dying their hair blue, getting said blue hair “set” once a week, knitting toilet paper cozies, etc.  My Aunt Sage gets her hair done once a week. NEGL it creeps me the f*ck out. Getting it washed once a week???  Not even combing it? And hairspraying the bejesus out of it??  Eep.

Most of the older ladies I see now are sporting “wash and wear” pixie cuts like my mom had (cut into severe points over their ears – so attractive – lol)…they’re speed walking in groups around my neighborhood wearing elastic waist khakis (that are just a tad short) and Easy Spirit sneaks. They are NOT apple cheeked grannies in rocking chairs, kwim?  And the next generation of “old ladies” is probably going to be even  sportier and chicer than this one…well, let’s hope. haha

I took 10 to a “Bazaar” yesterday at our church. Major Old Lady action there. He kept saying “This is so BIZARRE” and cracking himself up despite numerous pokes and evil glares from me 😉  Anyway, there were Old Lady tchotchkes everywhere. Doilies, ugly ugly ass hand crocheted afghans (honestly, are the women color blind? And how about some natural fibers?  Must they be acrylic?) , Christmas ornaments made out of clothespins, purses made out of old acid washed jeans (seriously), handmade dishtowels, wreaths made from wine corks (they were pretty actually)…

Anyway, I kept thinking “Who the heck is going to do this?” I don’t know anyone my age who would EVER sit and make that crap. I don’t even know any 50 or 60 year old women who crochet, knit, “craft”, etc. Is all this going to die out with this generation of Old Ladies?  Should it???



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