Sexiest Man Alive?



Well, what do we think this year??  Lainey seems to think *shudders* Justin Timberlake. I would totally vote for him for Smug Douche of the Year.

She thinks my man Robert Pattinson is too young and not manly enough (as if!)…and she thinks my other man (sorry Rob), Jon Hamm, is too “TV”…

Thoughts?? I thought Ryan Reynolds was a FAIL of a choice last year. He’s “cute” like a well muscled puppy — but sexy?  Hell no.

Do we even care about this crap anymore??

Lainey’s Entertainment Update – Celebrity Gossip | Article Detail.




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One thought on “Sexiest Man Alive?

  1. I’m always surprised to find people who don’t find Rob attractive. I guess based on Twi movies alone he does look sorta douchy. (Fucking Summit and their bad hair & make-up people!). I vote for Gerard Butler. He’s a ladies man and a man’s man. Hot body, sexy accent, sense of humor. What more do you need? I believe Rob will get there in a few years. He needs to shake the Twi-image with more R rated movies where we see tongue & breast cuppage

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