C’mon People Magazine!

Bradley Cooper?  Really??  Sexiest Man Alive???? Sexiest??

Define sexy please.

He’s “cute”…he’s “funny”…he’s got an adorable smile. But, the man is NOT sexy.  Sexy is “OMG, where’d my panties go?  You burned them off with your smoldering look!” Or maybe that’s just me. lol.

Last year’s choice was a “butterface” for me…you know, nice body, ugly face (okay, Ryan Reynolds is not ugly but he sure isn’t classically handsome)…

*sighs* When will they get it right??  Brad Pitt and George Clooney (in their heydays — before they become crusty old men – lmao) were worthy of the Sexiest Man Alive crown. Bradley Cooper?? Not so much.

And his scruff in that picture is just dirty looking. Shave that shit off.


Great smile. Pretty eyes.

Not sexy.


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