The Welcome Home *bitch slap* continued

So, the Welcome Wagon started with the “get your hoarding under control” stern message from the Frug. In his defense, he had just been up close and personal with the Evidence of Hoarding

Other slaps:

The 2 new laundry baskets the Frug bought me to “help organize the laundry situation.”

Took Otis on a 1.5 hour walk yesterday” which explains the bland “s’up” head nod I got from my dog before he went back to sleep. Harrumph. So the 30 minutes of sedate walking around the neighborhood isn’t good enough for you??

“Did you see the magazine rack in the living room?” Again, subtly saying “clean up yer damn magazines!”

Oh, this was annoying!! 10 said Sarcasmo made me scrambled eggs today!” and I replied “I thought you hated scrambled eggs because you think they feel like jello??” His reply “Only when you make them. Sarcasmo makes delicious eggs”

Et tu, 10?


There’s more but it’s making me tired just thinking about it.

I guess the final insult for me wasn’t even related to the organizing and cleaning and egg debacle. It was my sweet Fiona. So so pissed at me. The kitty sleeps by my side all night, every night. On Sunday, she didn’t leave the basement to greet me. No kitty snuggles at all. On Monday I sought her out and she gave me an earful of accusatory meows and very bitchy cat face. You know the one. *giggles*

Well, not sure how many posts I’ll have this week. Lots of GSD for this weary girl.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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