Where’s my afterglow?

Not, not that kind of afterglow, pervs.

The I-had-a-weekend-away-from-my-kids-and-all-responsibility glow.  Kind of like that after resort/spa glow, kwim?  I’m beginning to think that’s all a fallacy. Once the vacation is over, it’s beyond ovah, baby. BAM!  Reality giveth ye olde bitch slap.

(And now I’m singing “Back to Life, Back to Reality”…sing it with me, sistahs!)


Had the nicest weekend. Stayed in NYC with the ever-angelic Ashlee. She and her BF *waves to the adorable Brian* dragged me on the subway *gasp* to Brooklyn *gasp* and then later a city BUS! *faints* Honestly, how much public transportation can one person deal with?! haha  The time was a blur of cocktails, karaoke (no, I didn’t sing but look-at-me-look-at-me Ash did several numbers!), chihuahuas, shopping…LOVE.

I also got to spend time with some of my fave Twifan friends!!! Lunch at the swank Mercer Kitchen with the lovely Kellie and Miss Ash…and then dinner out with around 20 of the funnest (yes, it’s a word), loudest, perviest, Robert Pattinson-loving people in the world. Amazing how a little thing like Twilight (and the uber swooney Rob) can bring the most disparate group of ladies together! Love love love.

Anyway, back to this glow that doesn’t exist.


Train home on Sunday. The Frug took Sarcasmo to the Ravens game (where my former man George Clooney was with his leggy LEGGY current GF Stacey Keibler enjoying the Ravens win)…I arrived home and saw that my car looked freshly washed. Hmm. And there were 2 Target bags sitting in front of the garage. Hmm. Curious.

10 flew out of the house “MOM! Guess what??!  2 guys came and cleaned your car for you!” OMFG, the Frug had my car detailed.

Now, why would this be a bad thing, ladies?? Because my car is a keeper of secrets. Secret shameful things. It’s a Hoarder Wagon. When we go on trips, or I know others will be in the car, I clean out the Evidence of Hoarding. The Frug did NOT warn me about the car detailing. And HE cleaned out the car before the guys got there. He left the trash in the Target bags as a way to point out the shame. But, it gets worse…here’s the giant Hoarder Box he filled up with the miscellanous “stuff” he found in the car:

What is in this Box o’Shame? Well, since i haven’t emptied it out yet b/c it triggered a flare up of my ADD-induced procrastination, I can only guess…I did happen to see: DVD players, candy, jewelry, random receipts, an Italian phrase book, makeup samples, vitamins, pens, Chapstick, and a school directory but that was just on the first level of shame.


And I’m getting emails with links to articles like “Clutterfree, FINALLY!” from the Frug.

More on this bitch slapfest in a bit. Have to separate the Duggars (aka the laundry) and go get Sarcasmo from school (Hey school! That 11:30am dismissal sucks ass for parents!)



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