*sighs* Sarcasmo and his Wardrobe Issues

I do feel for Sarcasmo. I really do. He’s gone through a lot this year physically. Crazy teenage growth spurt has put him thisclose to 6 ft tall and yet he weighs a buck thirty (bastard).

This morning, he had to put on a pair of dress pants and a collared shirt. How difficult can this possibly be?? “OMG MOM!” The pants he wore for confirmation a month ago no longer fit him! Well, I should say they no longer fit him in a a normal fashion.  For some reason, possibly some strange combo of leg and torso growth, the pants sit at a odd spot — giving him a strangely Ed Grimley look. Not good.  Just what every teen boy wants, kwim?

"Teenage Dream", right??

He’s built sort of like an earthworm now. Sort of like Squidward Tentacles.

just with pants, of course

The poor kid now wears a size 30×34 in pants. They really don’t even make that size. It’s an “online only” kind of size. So, when he’s screaming and writhing on his bed in anger and frustration about his pants, it’s not like I can say “hang on, I’ll run to the mall” (as if I would ever do that! *snorts*)

His body type changing sort of bums me out. I’ve been calling him Lurch in my head for a while now but Lurch is much beefier.

Similar coloring and head shape though.

This is a typical response from Sarcasmo…Not kidding…

And, I can still imagine him saying “You Rang“… *giggles*

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3 thoughts on “*sighs* Sarcasmo and his Wardrobe Issues

  1. I can relate. J is right under 6 feet tall and weighs a mind numbing 119!! 30 X 34 dress pants (or jeans) are IMPOSSIBLE to find and he still needs a belt to cinch them in another few inches!! Built like an EARTHWORM made me spit out my coffee – PERFECT description!!!

  2. My 18 yr old is 6’1″ and 137#. He wears 30×32 pants. To make them length appropriate, and not look like Urkel, he has them hanging on his hips so that 6″ of his boxers are showing. He doesn’t understand that scholarly white boys from the suburbs look ridiculous when they try to look gangsta.

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