This is Some Bullshit


The joy of my return home from the Thanksgiving whirlwind was marred by the level of laundry (always, forever) AND by the hideous garbage disposal backup in the kitchen sink. We had no idea what the heck was in that disposal but water wasn’t even able to flow through it. The Frug dumped boatloads of Drano into it but nothing worked.  “Cow, what did you put in there!??”  “Nothing, dammit


2 days of dishes were piled by the sink until the repair guy came yesterday. I missed the fun of his visit but caught the tail end (I, Workout Queen, was at the gym for the bulk of it. *grins smugly*)…I asked the guy “So, what was the problem?” and he said “The disposal was clear but the drain was full of rice, pasta, and mashed potatoes.”  I’m like “Oh, just regular stuff” and he told me you aren’t supposed to put any kind of starchy foods into the disposal. What? Apparently, it just passes right through the disposal and the starches expand and will eventually clog the pipe. Huh?? What?  The Frug was all “Oh, I told you not to put rice into the disposal” and I’m like:

Who has ever heard of this “rule“??? Isn’t it called a Dispose-ALL? Harrumph. Back to caveman times and scraping our nasty plates into the trash. That’s gonna smell amazing. *rolls eyes* FML.

Anyway, have you heard of this f*ckery?? *growls*  Am I the last to know?

and one more because I can’t stop *giggling*


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