More Commentary on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Okay, Victoria’s Secret fashion show…As I said before, I NEVER watch it.  It’s just one long drawn out advertisement with all those skinny skinny women and the stupid angel wings and feathers and ridiculousness.  UGH.

On top of making me feel inadequate for being a 45 year old average looking woman with thick stumpy legs, now I’m feeling badly that I no longer wear matching undies. I used to always match. I think I had every bra and panty set they sold!  Now, I swear I wear a sports bra every single day and my undies are just whatever’s on top , kwim??  I think I wear the same ones over and over again because I wash them and then there they are in the top of the drawer!   Please tell me I’m not the only one!  lol

Maybe Santa Frug will buy me some matchy matchy funderwear!??!!

Soooo, I’ve been meaning to comment on the “diet” scandal we heard about a few weeks ago. Adriana Lima gave an interview and detailed her “secrets” for getting runway ready:

She sees a nutritionist, who has measured her body’s muscle mass, fat ratio and levels of water retention. He prescribes protein shakes, vitamins and supplements to keep Lima’s energy levels up during this training period. Lima drinks a gallon of water a day. For nine days before the show she will drink only protein shakes – “no solids”. The concoctions include powdered egg.

Two days before the show she will abstain from the gallon of water a day, and “just drink normally”. Then, 12 hours before the show she will stop drinking entirely.

Pretty normal, right?? *snorts*  I’ve gotta say that this all made me pretty happy to read. She’s telling us “Hey, it’s f*cking HARD to look this good!  I have to WORK at it!  I have to basically starve myself and live at the gym!”  I have more respect for her for admitting the f*cked up routine than for giving us a line of bullshit like “Oh, I do yoga” OR the dreaded “I just chase after my kids”  Bitch please.

And another reason I’m gleeful reading this is that this chickie is YOUNG and CHILDLESS and still has to diet like a crazy person to look camera ready…which means after she gets old and has a couple kids, she may be like the rest of us!  (Hey, a bitch can dream, right?! lol)

Well, off to stalk and put some undies on my “Wish List”…I wonder if they sell that shit Adriana Lima was drinking to get ready for the show?  They totally should.  And the stuff that makes their legs glisten??  *wants*

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