Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Let me start by saying I NEVER watch this. Ever. Why would I want to watch an hour long commercial with models who’ll make me feel badly about myself?? But while I was on Twitter, someone mentioned that Adam Levine would be on and BAM, the channel changed! *smiles*  And the Frug didn’t seem to mind at all either 😉

So, Adam Levine. He’s not my usual type of celeb to swoon over. Skinny and all those tatts, kwim? Yuck. BUT, there’s something about him. The confidence, the stage presence, talent…something about him is SEXY

Did everyone see this magazine cover with his Russian model GF??

*fans self* Is it hot in here??

Holy shit! *fans self*

And then there’s this:

Again, skinny but SEXAY! Wowsa!

Anyway, read this excerpt from an Elle Magazine interview with Adam:

ELLE:  In the past, you’ve been linked to Cameron Diaz and Natalie Portman. Is it easier to date a model than an actress?
AL: I couldn’t tell you. It seems like such a cliché—the singer dating a model. I don’t date my girlfriend because she’s a model. I date her because I love her.

Excuse me while I *swoon*…  Yeah, I fell a little in love with him after reading that.

Sooooo, he sang “Move Like Jagger” and walked down the catwalk with his GF and gave her a kiss. Is he trying to KILL ME?? *swoons*

Can you imagine the hot monkey love these two have????  Scorching hot. *drools*

Okay, I HAVE to GSD today. I do have some non-Adam-Levine comments about the VS Fashion Show…To be continued



3 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

  1. You know my crush on Mr. Levine is quite severe. Hopeless now that I’ve read your post.
    I need a fix and must find a repeat or link to the fashion show.

  2. I should have known Kellie would comment first. *eyeroll* Lol. He doesn’t do it for me but for some reason I do find myself staring at these pics. I guess it’s because he’s NAKED! He’s skinny but I can appreciate the bod. I don’t see a stiffie in the pic w/his GF. Do they have so much “hot monkey love” that he doesn’t get one while hugging her naked? Is it photoshopped out? Is it taped down?

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