Looking for a New Perfume #fail


Why is this difficult?? I’d like Santa Frug to get me a pretty new bottle of perfume for Christmas.   I used Obsession for years and looooovvved it. They still make it but it’s not the same, kwim?? I had a bottle of Prada that I LOVED and actually used the entire bottle! Last year, I chose Michael Kors Very Hollywood. It’s pretty but “bright” and sort of pushy if you can imagine that. When I wear it, people ask me what perfume I’m wearing. I just want to smell nice, not like I’m doused in perfume. Too much to ask???

So, I’m being semi-methodical about this, for me. Keep trying samples on the little paper thingys in the stores and then one gets selected to actually be sprayed on my arm.  Side note:  Have you noticed perfume reps are pushy???  Jeez. I am JUST LOOKING!

Anyway, today’s sample was Burberry Body.  Love Burberry anything, kwim??  And it seemed soft and appealing, not overpowering. It got the honor of being sprayed on.  I thought it was pretty nice.  Picked Sarcasmo up at school.  He gets in the car and says “Smells like old ladies in here!” MFWTF?!  It does NOT! *cries*

10 was my secondary tester. He is all Blue Velvet with smells. (anyone still remember that creepiness?? lol) Anyway, he sniffed it, closed his eyes and said  “Yum! It smells like Aunt Sage!


I smell like 78 -year-old Virgin.


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3 thoughts on “Looking for a New Perfume #fail

  1. OMFG! Kelly. Too funny. I bought 2 in NY. They are from Bond NY and smell DIVINE! They are a “tad” pricey but worth every cent IMO. They sell it only at Saks or at Bond Stores in NY. There are like 30 different ones. Mine are the Andy Warhol ones.

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