What Decade is It??

It IS the 10s or whatever we are supposed to call it, right? (really, what do we call it? The Teens? Help me out!)  I’m asking because I’m confused. The other day I was wearing “leggings and a sweater” just like the Good Old Days.  The leggings were actually awesome. Hue corduroy jeggings. Amazing!  Glorified Pajama Jeans?  Perhaps but STFU please. lol They are cute (dammit!) and so comfy! WIN! And, the sweater fit me a bit better than the GIGANTIC 80s ones I wore AND I was wearing a cute pair of boots with them…but…if I had had on a pair of white high top Reeboks, it would have been 80s perfection!

(go here to read an ode to these classic 80s kicks)

So, since I’ve added “leggings and a sweater” back into my “cute but casual” wardrobe, what other 80s styling am I sporting?? Curls. I have purchased a CURLING IRON and am doing some “long loose curls”…what’s next, a PERM? (someone please stage an intervention STAT)…I sort of dig it. Feels softer and more feminine than my flat ironed coif. Plus, the curls disguise the damaged straw look I think.

I know people are wearing “boyfriend blazers” but I’m drawing the line there (so far – hah!)…That’s too much layering to be flattering.  I think.

Please warn me when shoulder pads come back in the mainstream so I can be locked away. ‘Cause you know if I start mocking something, it’s one step closer to wanting it!)

(go here to read about 80s fashion done ’10s style)

Not going to be too much blogging this week. It’s Crunch Time in Casa Superficial. Still haven’t gotten our tree (FAIL!!)…and have to get the )@&$(& Christmas cards out the door…and there are 2 class parties to help with AND 2 other school events…and teacher gifts to give…and we’re having some people over on Friday…and the Frug’s Family Party is Sat…and there’s a basketball game earlier in the day…AND another party to go to AFTER the family one. I’m going to be in the fetal position, sucking on a bottle of pink wine by the time Sunday morning rolls around…

Actually, if I know my ADD well enough, I may blog MORE as a way to procrastinate! lol and perhaps not kidding.

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