Parenting Contest for the Holidays

Here’s my first entry in my own Mother of the Year contest…

Back story…

You all know how INSANE I am this week, right? So I don’t need to reiterate my To Do List (as I do with the Frug. *growls* “So, Cow? Are you doing anything today? Anything at all?” “Other than murdering you in your sleep, no“)  So, no room for any additional items on said list or anything to go wrong…

*phone beeps* One new message…”Hello? Mrs. Superficial? This is Irene from 10’s school. He is complaining of a sore throat and that his ears hurt“…NOOOO!  He CANNOT get sick this week. He only has school thru Thursday as it is!  AAHH!  I called her back and by that point, Mr. Melodrama had had lunch and felt well enough to go outside to play. (even the super-nice school nurse was annoyed!)

This morning, runny nose and a tiny cough. What’s a Good Mom to do? Drugs, my friends, drugs. Didn’t you know it’s “Dope Your Kid Up and Send His A$$ to School Day“???  Calm down, people. He doesn’t have a fever. He feels fine. Well enough to be up an hour early so he could play “Tom the Cat” on the Frug’s IPad (thanks again to JIM for getting him hooked on THAT piece of annoying $(&@) !

Come on. Share your excellent mommy stories with me!

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One thought on “Parenting Contest for the Holidays

  1. I have no memory of anything bad occurring around the holidays with my three girls. None!! Therefore I make my own memories. Holidays were bliss. *refills psychotic meds*

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