Long, long, looooonnnnngggg weekend, chicas. Made 2 of the 3 planned events happen, so that’s a win. (fatigue won out and we had to bail on the 3rd party – losers!) I managed to only have 2 mini-cries, not 1 huge snotsobfest, so that’s a win.  And I don’t think I gained any weight despite saying “Hell YES” to some cookies! Win all around!

Side note:  Why are cookies so amazing and gooooood? I think they are a perfect food. Flour, butter, and sugar. If they were deep fried they’d be even better. Fried cookies. OMG! $1,000,000 idea! Wait. Crap, there’s already the fried oreo. *sighs* Never mind.

Anyway, wanted to share some of my current favorite products with you!  It’s been a while because, frankly, most products have been utter failures! (why why why??!!!!!)

Some Kind-A Gorgeous (Benefit) Bought the mini version of this at Sephora. I think I paid $10 for it – regular size is $29) I’ve been using it under my eyes and around my giant-pored nose and I love it!  Very slick going on but stays put. 

Stila Perfect and Correct Foundation  Really like this.  Goes on smoothly and blends in without any trouble. I hate oil free foundation that is so “dry” and you have to rub super-fast in order to get it all on before it dries in a clump on your face, kwim?  They had me at this: “Swirl your way to a youthful and luminous complexion!”  Youthful and LUMINOUS?  Yes please!

Ciment Thermique by Kerastase is a life changer for me. It’s basically just a thermal protector for the hair. Simple, right? I never use stuff like this b/c I’m like “the hair is already straw and all of this stuff is just a marketing gimic” (not that I don’t LOVE marketing gimics! haha)  The new girl who’s cutting my hair suggested it and I have to say, the ‘do is much softer than it used to be. Just a teeny dab worked thru the hair before blow drying…LOVE!

Finally, Airborne Chewables!  Have you ever tried to DRINK the disgusting regular Airborne? GAH! Maybe it’s because I have food issues in general but I do NOT like to have to drink large quantities of medicine type stuff. (like the kid’s liquid antibiotics?? OMFG! I would rather DIE than drink all that pink icky stuff!  Sarcasmo, boy after my own heart, CHOSE a shot in the butt rather than take 10 days of liquid amoxicillin!)  I’ve been fighting off a cold for a while now…it’s the Christmas-racing-around-hanging-out-in-malls-eating-crap-not-getting-enough-quality-sleep-and-being-around-snotty-kids cold. You know the one.  So, I saw the Airborne CHEWABLES and I’m hooked! Have been taking a couple of them a day (they taste like those orange flavored vitamin Cs) and I have NOT gotten sick yet! *knocks on wood*


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