REPOST — Sex Holiday?!?!?

This was originially posted last December but I felt like it deserved a repost…

Went out w/ Bob and Fawn the other night! Dinner, cocktails (ouch!), and checking out the National Christmas Tree (it was really beautiful but freeeeeezing!)…good times, good times.

Last year, I remember blogging about Bob giving Fawn porn for Christmas and just how wrong that was. I may have changed my mind though!  What’s wrong with a little porn for the holidays/? lol  We ended up talking about which holidays would, in fact, be porn-appropriate if Christmas is not. Which holidays are Sex Holidays??

The Frug and I agreed that Thanksgiving is NOT a Sex Holiday.  At all. Too much food and sloth. Christmas? Well, I think if you’re single or married, no kids, Christmas could be very romantic…lovin’ under the tree, etc. For us, knee deep in kids, dog and cat battles, cookie baking, decorating, misc. mandatory events and utter exhaustion…not sexy.

4th of July? Sure, porn and fireworks go together, baby! Labor Day? Maybe…Halloween? Bring it on! Sexay costumes FTW! lol Valentine’s Day is a no brainer. It’s put-up-or-shut-up-time. If you can’t get laid on Valentine’s Day (providing you are MARRIED, naturally! *snorts*), there’s something wrong with you! Easter? No. Not porn appropriate.



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