Time for My New Mantra

Good Morning and Happy New Year!  Where in the hell did 2011 go??? Whatever. Good Riddance.

You know I’m not one for introspection and “New Year’s Resolutions”…I vastly prefer looking outward at others and mocking. *snickers* That’s not changing. Perhaps ever.  But, I did stumble upon a new “thing” on Facebook, of all places. I think it’s going to be my new mantra for 2012 and beyond. Ready?

“Effort is Sexy”  Do you love it or do you LOVE it?!?!  It’s not about perfection and actually accomplishing all your goals. It’s about working toward them. Making the EFFORT.  Not laying around like a lazy h00r eating bon bons. Wait. Maybe I don’t like Effort is Sexy after all. Maybe Sloth is Sexy?  *giggles*

So, maybe sitting on the couch, watching Jersey Shore while eating peanut butter cookies is Not Sexy. But, watching Real Housewives while using the elliptical is Sexy.  Right?!

While I ponder giving up my life o’laziness, go check out Effort is Sexy on Facebook. I happen to love the Poster Child of Effort is Sexy. This woman is totally Sexy.


5 thoughts on “Time for My New Mantra

  1. hmm…not sure an actual photo of the moment exists…but it was something along the lines of…with the prompt of “Effort is Sexy”…

    John: “for the love of God, Hope…please start working out again”.

    ok..maybe those words didnt ACTUALLY come out…but we all knew exactly where he was going with the “effort is sexy” thing…..;-)
    been a joke for YEARS…..

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