Judgey or Spot On??!

You decide!

I went to Target today. I know, I know. When DON’T I go to Target? Haha.

Noticed a woman walking in ahead of me. Skirt waaaay too short for a) the weather b) the time of day and c) the venue!  Long hair, curly, looked like extensions. Fake tan. I’m thinking “stripper” but her legs were a bit thick for that.  What? They were!! Catty? Me? Nevah.

Anyway, time to check out and lo and behold, the mystery woman is in front of me. Naturally, I checked what she was purchasing. C’mon. Everyone does it!  I even judge my own. Love when I have things like tampons, a bag of chips, and a 4 pack of white zinfandel.  Classy, right? lol  The woman was buying a silver sequined top, dangly earrings, fake eyelashes…and lube. *dying*

My first thought was “Someone’s planning a fun night!” and the next thought? *gasps* “HOOKER!”

I’ve seen prostitutes before. Actually, recently too! (14th and U streets in DC last Saturday night! Had to protect the Frug from the ho’s/hoes?/hos? Help me! What is the plural of HO?) But. I’ve never seen one that close AND in the daylight…as far as I know. *winks*

So, am I being judgey and maybe she was just a regular gal who was dressed sluttily and was buying ho stuff?  After all, she just had the lube, no condoms. But maybe the pimp supplies them? I don’t know, I don’t know!

Thoughts?! lol

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3 thoughts on “Judgey or Spot On??!

  1. I agree with Laurie….a hooker-hooker would be buying that stuff up at wholesale clubs….not a one-tube purchase, dontcha think !? 😉
    Or maybe she was out in Suburbia for a bachelor party or something…so just needed a Target drive-by for that particular event. Hmm….could be so many things……

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