Really? A Furkin?

First off, does everyone know what a “Merkin” is?? In short, it’s “pubic wig.”  (this is a common thing, right? *snorts*)

At the Completely Bare salon in NYC, they offer decorative merkins…you get your hoohah completely waxed off and then wear one of these creatures over it. Makes sense, right?! *cackles*

Has everyone seen this craziness???  These are called furkins…merkins made of fur…or feathers.  One of the Real Housewives of New York is selling them so you know they have to be good. *snorts*


I cannot imagine the expression on the Frug’s face if he pulled back the sheets one night and found me sporting one of those!  *giggles*  And, they cost about $200!  Not Frugal At All.


One thought on “Really? A Furkin?

  1. $200???? You’ve got to be kidding!! Buy a cat toy at Walmart, tear the feathers off and use skin glue to attach and VOILA!!! Frug approved!

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