Ladies, something TERRIBLE has happened!

I had another birthday! *cries* How did it happen? I don’t feel any older. Actually, I take that back. I feel about 117 these days. *sighs* But, as they say “it’s better than the alternative“, right???!

Nice day. Not a completely Selfish Kelly Day ™, but still nice.  After getting the kids off to school, I got a pedicure and did some “recreational shopping.” The pedi was so necessary. It’s been since 12/16!  Eek!  I think that’s the longest I’ve gone without a pedi in well, ever. Gross old lady feet. *shudders* Nevah again! If I have to cut one DC a day (NO!) and save my pennies in a plastic baggie, I WILL be properly pedicured from now on!

Onto the shopping. Well, I wouldn’t really call it “shopping” b/c I’m still on a post-shocking-Christmas-AmEx-bill-spending-freeze. lol and not really kidding. I had to go to Sephora to pick up my Birthday Gift. Is this company run by geniuses or what?  A birthday gift for everyone? *purrs* Even though it used to be the same thing every year, I still loved it. Anything to make a woman feel special, kwim? There needs to be more of that. Much more. So, I got the gift, a Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo!  Adorable!

And, since the marketing geniuses KNOW that one cannot possibly go into Sephora and NOT buy something, I did pick another little something out for myself. So so so cute! 

A mini Bad Gal Lash mascara, mini Some Kind-A Gorgeous concealer and a mini Hoola bronzer!  And it was only $16!  #frugal!!!!  The very nice clerk also put some “anti-aging” skincare samples in my bag. I like the way they make the bag all fancy like a gift bag with the red tissue paper. *purrs*

How do you shop Sephora? I walk thru the store and sample all the “stuff”…makeup, hand creams, whatever. I tried a new tinted moisturizer, a liquid eye liner (yikes! I do not have the fine motor skills for THAT!), etc. It’s the makeup equivalent of eating your way thru Costco, kwim?

After that bit of Selfish Kelly fun, went and picked up the kids from school. #joy And we all went out to dinner. Didn’t want to murder anyone so that’s a huge win these days!

So, yeah. Happy Birthday to ME ME ME!


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