Whitney Houston Dead at 48 | Splash

So, yeah. In case you’ve been under a rock all weekend, I have sad news. Whitney Houston is dead. I got the news (from a very chatty American Foxhound *winks*) last night at a party. I did a completely Hollywood-esque double take. Even though Whitney had been drugged up and completely trainwreckish for years, her death still stunned me. And now that some of the details are coming out?? Holy cow. From what I’ve read, she took Xanax or something and had been drinking — took a bath and apparently drowned. Whoa. Lots of people take Xanax…lots of people drink. Is there a warning on the bottle not to take a bath?? (not that I’m thinking it was as simple as that but still!)

I’m also seeing lots of focus on her poor daughter. Even a photo of the girl on a stretcher being taken to the hospital herself. Is it that shocking that Whitney’s daughter would be freaked out by her mom dying??  Do they have to take such intrusive photos??? *sighs*

I have “I Will Always Love You” on an annoying loop in my head. I loved that song. Whitney from the 80s forever.

RIP Whitney.

Whitney Houston Dead at 48 | Splash.


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