Failentine’s Day


Tuesday. How could Valentine’s Day be a Tuesday?? Tuesday isn’t a Sexy Day at all. Friday and Saturday are Sexy Days. Wednesday is Hump Day so that’s obviously sexy. Thursday is thisclose to Friday so it counts. Sunday? Nah. Monday? NO. Tuesday NO!  I think that Valentine’s Day should always be a Friday or Saturday. Who’s with me??

Tuesday?!?!  It’s a “school night”, even if you don’t have kids!  And if you do, there’s homework to be done, baths, squabbles, etc. And the night before I had to fill out 10’s Valentines (none for Sarcasmo – “OMG MOM! NO ONE DOES VALENTINES!!“) and make cupcakes for his class too. Plus put together some VDay surprises for the Ungrateful Twins. Yes, I put it all off til the day before b/c I am an utter ADD failure of a person these days. *dramatic sigh*

Picked 10 up at school yesterday and his teacher sheepishly presented me with the cupcake container…that still had 6 cupcakes in it!!! WTF?!  I told 10 NOT to let any come back home!! So, I gave each kid one, I ate 2 and then had to bury the last 2 in the trash so I wouldn’t do a George Costanza and eat them out of the trash later on. Not really kidding.

Oh, I made homemade crab cakes that were delish. Naturally, 10 would NOT eat a “disgusting” crab cake and had fish sticks. Is he my kid or what? lol For dessert I bought strawberries and that Dolci Frutta stuff to dip them into! Yum, right? *sighs* Put the container in the microwave and proceeded to nuke the @$(& out of it. Burned the top later of the chocolate. Scraped it off, added some milk and it was okay. And by okay I mean that I stood there at the counter and ate it by the spoonful. *groans*

The Frug bought me a sweet card, some roses, and a lovely bottle of Prosecco.  Not that I could enjoy the bubbly b/c Sarcasmo had a basketball scrimmage from 8:20-9:30!!  ON VALENTINE’S DAY!!   And then, Mr. Procrastinator had to finish a science thing…and was up til 1am! ON VALENTINE’S DAY!!  And we all had to be up at 6:45am for school and whatnot.

I repeat, Tuesday is NOT a good day for Valentine’s Day. I demand a do-over AND a permanent move from 2/14 to “the 2nd Friday in February” or something!

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