Presented for Your Judgement, Horror, and Dismay

Welp, I decided to play ‘Good Wife” and deal with one of my biggest Hoarder Piles. I know I’ve posted a photo before of a Hoarder Box…here is a Hoarder Pile (excuses and apologies to follow)

It’s sort of a Hoarder Volcano, isn’t it?? It started as a simple extra laundry basket for some clothes that I needed to “go through” before either giving them away or trashing them…then one day I had to clean up quickly and tossed extra “stuff” into the basket…and then it was Christmas and New Year’s and my birthday…KABOOM! It’s my Hoarder Pile.

Shameful, I know. *sighs*

Anyway, I went through it yesterday…such fun! haha  Here’s the highlights:

  • Christmas Bow
  • Neck Brace
  • Box of old photos of my grandparents that I removed from Hoarder Hell in PA.
  • 2 beach bags filled with old sunscreen, change, candy wrappers, and sand.
  • An unopened package from LLBean containing new pants for my Mother-in-Law.
  • Unread magazines.
  • A Gymboree bag with pants and a jacket for 10 (receipt from Dec.)
  • Snow boots for 10. Tags on.
  • So much make-up. Samples, full size items that I’ve forgotten about or figured were lost, etc.
  • Clothing to include single socks, single gloves, new gloves in packages.
  • Jewelry.
  • Purses. 3 of them. One I hadn’t seen since I went to NYC in Nov. Found the magazine I read on the train and the snacks from the snack bar! (this is addition to the 2 beach bags)
  • Inflatable Travel Pillow. The one I swore to the Frug that we didn’t even own. *blushes*  oops!
  • Atkins bars. Boxes of them.
  • A candy cane.

Allllllmmmmmooooosssstttt done with it. I was almost finished and then the Hazmat Team arrived to clean so I had to throw some of it back in the basket.

Tra la la. Off to spend time on Facebook and Twitter. Nothing I’m forgetting. Nothing else to do.

Huh. There’s a lesson here somewhere. A message. Hmm. What can it be?

2 thoughts on “Presented for Your Judgement, Horror, and Dismay

  1. I am an anti-hoarder and a minimalist. I throw everything away. I throw important things away and lie about it, “That sweater with the pheasant on it that belonged to your dad? I think it might be in a box in the basement.” (It went to Goodwill 3 years ago). “I haven’t seen that form we need for our taxes.” (I thought it was junk mail, I swear to God.) I clean compulsively. That too is a sickness. I got it from my mom whom I criticized for caring more about the house being clean than she did about us. (Was that the proper use of whom? Who/whom always confuses me).

    A candy cane? WTF?

  2. You have no idea how happy this post made me. If I wasnt such a lameass with all things electronic…I would share pics of my MANY hoarder piles.
    They terrify me at this point.
    I all fairness…I will share the inventory list with you when I get up the guts to attack them. Gurantee I’ll have a candy cane too.

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