Damn You, Demi Moore

OMG Jessica!!! Where to start?! (first with the incredible Michael K on DListed – linkage below) But, why the bitchy look on her face? Be HAPPY! And um, her hair is GLORIOUS.  Love the wind machine action. Very Beyonce, kwim? lol But, really, how BIG is she?! ZOMG. Mysterious things tho — thin face? lack of ‘popped’ belly button? no stretch marks?  what appears to be a small and cheese-free ass? *waves to photoshop* Wow, great job!

Damn You, Demi Moore.

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One thought on “Damn You, Demi Moore

  1. a SHOUT OUT to the air-brushing peeps too.
    looking at a pic of her in OK Mag right now….promise – not the same person as this adorable preg body in Elle….;-)

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