Comedy of Errors?

Why is it called a “Comedy of Errors” when, much of the time, it’s just NOT funny?!?!

Today was “Clean the Cat Box Day”. Frankly, part of the problem is that Clean the Cat Box Day is infrequent. I put a TON of litter in the box, walk away and hope for the best. My precious Fiona is a patient and sweet good kitty. I have heard more complaining meows this week and then the Frug confirmed “Fiona’s box STINKS!” so it was time!

So…it was about 40+ lbs of wet and chunky cat litter in a large Hefty bag…hauled it up the stairs like Santa’s toy sack. Threw it into the garage for the Frug to do the final “into the dumpster” run. Turned around to find a 3 inch wide trail of litter behind me. #($&)%(&# bag broke.  *cue expletives*

I thought “time to test out 10’s Oreck!”

Know what Otis thought? “SNACK TIME!” *gags* Before I could catch him, he’d hoovered up a few of the sand covered Tootsie Rolls. *vomits* He was very pleased.

I tried the Oreck on the trail (after kicking Otis out of the house and away from his sandy buffet)…Have to say, it wasn’t good. At all!  Just kicked the icky stuff around. *sighs* Have to sweep it up with a broom and dustpan. Then the Frug came up and used a canister vacuum with “hardwood floor attachment“…

Lost a good 45 minutes of my life today on that. *sighs*  And a few layers of my skin trying to ensure that no sandy pissy poopy cat litter remained on it. Have to bottle brush my nose soon too since I probably inhaled some. *retches*

Happy Friday!

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