Mini Car Rant


The Fail Wagon. How I loathe it.  “Cow, this is the highest rated SUV in it’s class” blah blah blah. Let me tell you what has happened THREE times in the last month…

At carpool at Sarcasmo’s school…waiting for him to stop talking to his friends long enough to realize a) it’s pickup time and b) that I’m there WAITING…back door of car opens and a mother starts loading her child in the backseat. I’m like “um, hello?” And she says “OMG! I’m so sorry!  I thought this was our car!!”

At the grocery store, I was getting my email on my phone (not while driving!)…passenger door opens and older woman gets in. I turn to STARE at her…”OMG! I’m so sorry!  I thought this was my daughter’s car!

Yesterday, at the mall, I was sitting in the car, searching through my purse for a receipt…Someone tries to open the driver’s side door!  We both SHRIEK “AAHH!” She says “OMG! I’m sorry! I thought this was my car!”


Generic. Dime a dozen. Zero personality. Fail Wagon.

How I long for my old Jeep Commander…

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One thought on “Mini Car Rant

  1. OMFG!!! I can’t believe that happened not once but THREE times!! Definitely have to trade the fail wagon in for something less ubiquitous.

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